The Fisher Towers trail in Moab, UT has officially been added to the National Recreation Trails system. Fisher Towers Trail is a semi-popular point in Moab, going through the Colorado Plateau and overlooking the Colorado River in Moab.

A picture to the right actually shows Fisher Towers in the background, where some of the day trips from the Moab Adventure Center launch their rafts.

The Moab trail is about 2.2 miles long, a decent hike (worse in the heat) with some amazing scenery. By receiving entry into this national trail system, the trail will now receive trail markers from the government agency and the national park service.


Anonymous said...

"National" is spelled incorrectly in the headline of this post.

Shelly said...

We are hoping to travel to Utah next year on a east to west coast RV trip. I am originally from AZ but now reside in PA and love the West Coast!