Utah Jumping on "Wild and Scenic" Boat

If you are from anywhere in Western United State, you have probably heard of rivers being designated and national "Wild and Scenic". Utah has yet to designate any rivers under the Wild and Scenic act, but they will soon join the ranks. Utah and Nevada are currently the only western states to not have used this important designation for any of it's rivers.

The Wild and Scenic Act puts rivers under a protection status from further develpment and keeps them in their natural state (as much as possible). The Bureau of Land Management in Utah recently identified 30 river segments that are eligible for designation; another 118 are still being considered.

Segments include sections of the Green River, which is a great addition to the program. Although there are many rivers throughout the state, the most notable rivers are in the south, near the Moab area, with the Colorado and the Green River, which meet in what is called Cataract Canyon.

The designation will be one step in the right direction in keeping the rivers protected and safe for future wildlife and recreational use.


Tabitha said...

It's about time, but it's no wonder that the State of Utah with its rigidly anti-wild anything Senators and Assemblymen have taken so long to come to their senses. I recently produced and directed the tourism video for Green River, Utah and became completely disillusioned by the local government because of their intense encouragement of ORV tourism not to mention their delight that a new oil refinery might be built just outside of the city proper! Please keep something in Utah wild. The State's marketing slogan for tourism is "Utah, Life Elevated," when in fact the reality is "Utah Land Abused". Two thumbs up from this director for "Wild and Scenic!"

Gary Orona
Green River Filmworks, LLC
Green River, Utah

Moab Man said...

Gary I saw your video it is Wild and Scenic & it promoted all you are against.
Thank You.