Utah National Parks generate more for the state than many may think. Behind the "beautiful scene" that the National Parks provide, there is a plethora of jobs, revenue and additional benefits that pump back into the state.

The most recent study shows that Utah National Park alone maintain over 11,000 jobs and generate $485 million into the Utah economy. When you take the marketing and operational dollars spent on the Parks, you end up with the system making $4 on every $1 spent. In business terms, that is what we call a "cash cow".

The main purpose of the Utah National Parks is not necessarily to generate money, but it is extremely important to do so. The money generated from the National Parks goes to many sources. Jobs (which has become an increasingly important commodity as of late), tax revenue for the state, upkeep of the park grounds, legal fees, roadways and travel, advertising, etc... We are able to visit and enjoy these National Parks as they are because the government and state agencies use the money to preserve and protect these important areas.

Utah has Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Capitol Reed National Park and Zions National Park. On top of that there are also about 12 other national designated areas or trails. I am not sure if the national areas where included in the numbers cited above, but either way, Utah's National Parks are doing well.


mattress said...

Great to hear that the Parks are doing so well. Utah has some of the best parks of all. I live in east and midwest but still have come out to Utah's parks 3 times and will do so again.

MtnDweller said...

I agree, it is extremely important for parks to make money. Most people don't realize that.

Personal Injury Utah said...

True, people often forget that the parks employ such large communities of people. And employees of the parks often face higher costs of living due to the touristy nature of these towns they live in. So, our state's parks are well worth the entrance fee. Thanks for shedding some light on this.