Moab Dewey Bridge Coming Back

Since the historic Dewey Bridge was burned down last year, plans have been in the works to either restore the bridge or put something in its place. A group of private residents and interested patrons have now stepped up to the plate.

Rouse estimated the cost to replace the bridge, which was no longer in service when it was destroyed last spring, to be around $1 million. Fundraising efforts will include a website, which is still under construction.

It will be an interesting effort by the community, since no tax dollars or government assistance is going to back the Moab restoration.

I will post a link to the fund raising website as soon as it is available, and anyone interested in donating to the cause can get involved.


Anonymous said...

I would love to see the bridge rebuilt. I remember driving across the bridge when I was younger. We camped there last month and it was so sad to see the bridge gone. My site has our latest Utah adventure which included a stop at the bridge:

Tony Bignell said...

I visited, and was enthralled by this bridge, in June 2006. My wife has childhood memories of it before the current road bridge was built. I would love the opportunity to contribute to its reconstruction.

Perth Hotels said...

It would be great if the bridge will be restored. Many of us wouldn't do adventure activities anymore and people who have memories would definitely feel sad. This bridge always reminds them of the good memories.

Jon Dewey said...

Getting ready to come down to run 'The Other Half' and can't wait to start at Dewey Bridge...We've crossed there many times, family in Grand Junction, camped on the river road many, many times, played in the river, ran the 'first half' and thankfully got a picture of our namesake bridge. Perhaps there could be a fundraiser run for the bridge, advertise in all the local papers nearby? Let me know when the website is up.

Jon Dewey SLC

Russell said...

Persons interested in restoring the historic Dewey Bridge should visit the Dewey Bridge Fund site hosted on Grand County's web site for information about the Dewey Bridge Restoration Committee and a how to make a donation to the project. Please see:

Russell von Koch, Utah co-chair

Lyle said...

They need to set up a website for this project, and put a PayPal link for donation. People would donate a buck or ten on a whim if there was such a link, but might not take the trouble to print out a form, fill it out, write a check, find an envelope, find a stamp, etc.

My sister and her family crossed the old bridge in the dead of night in a motorhome that just barely fit. Talk about memories! I was looking forward to showing to to my son on a ride we're taking through there next week.

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