Maps for Moab and other Adventures

Need a good map for your outdoor adventure? You have many resources available to you when choosing a good map. Anywhere from the local gas station maps to U.S. Forest Service official maps are available for purhasing. So what's the best place for maps?

I really like the review written by Stephen Regenold in his article reviewing various maps. He got local maps to governement maps. The most impressive is the They let you create topographical maps of any location, customize the maps to include whatever you want, and also have aerial sattelite photos of the region. You order the map and they will print it on water-proof paper and send it out to you. (Side note, mytopo was the official map of Primal Quest in Moab Utah this year as well) Pretty sweet if you ask me!!

Our website has maps of various Moab locations, but for the serious adventurer or explorer, a custom maps is for sure the way to go.


Caryn said...

Hey, this is good to know. sounds especially cool. Will have to check it out. Wonder if it's any more accurate than some other rather famous maps of the area?