Team Nike Finishes first in Moab Utah

Team Nike pulled off the close victory in Moab Utah Saturday. It was a close finish with team GoLite right behind. Inside Triathalon reported in the win in their article on the website.

"The team (Nike Powerblast), and all teams who complete the course in its entirety, covered what will be remembered as one of the hardest races of all time"

The heat got up to 128 degrees at certain points in the race. Many will refer to this race a the "Adventure Suffering" and not the "Adventure Racing". Rightly so. But in the end, the leading team grabs $100,000 to split between the 4 of them. So the question becomes:

Was the pain and suffering during the race worth it?


Caryn said...

Wow! 128 degrees?!?! Incredible.