Team Nike Looking to Win in Moab Utah

Team nike Powerblast has taken a good lead over Merrell. Especially the since the last checkpoint, Nike burst ahead extending the distance between them and the reast of the pack. Looks like experience is paying off.

I talked about it earlier, and its playing out just as I predicted. Young, fit teams would battle for lead early during the race, but experience kicks in towards the end and the most experienced of teams is pulling through.

What made the difference? I dont think it was the hoarding of sleep that team Nike had early on in the race. I think it is just the stamina and experience. Experienced travelers know how to pace themselves. They also know how to make wise decisions. If you look at the interactive map, you see that outside of tem Nike's mountain biking mishap, they stay on course and know where they are going. Shaving a mile here and there because of good decisions makes a big difference.