25% Discount for Visiting Moab, Utah

The Moab Music Festival which runs August 31st - Sept 16th has a few local resorts offering discounts for visiting Moab during that time. The Arizona Daily Star reports that Sorrel River Ranch in Moab is giving 25% discount on lodging and 15% off dinner for anyone attending the Music Festival in Moab, Utah.

Coming from personal experience, Sorrel Ranch is a pretty nice place to stay. It is a fun and authentic rach-style lodging in Moab, and a 25% discount is quite the sale. If you are planning on going down to Moab during that time (or maybe you should take a trip anyway) take advantage of the offer. You can find contact and information for Sorrel Ranch and other Ranches through the Moab Adventure Center Lodging page.

While you are down there, take advantage of the outdoor activities in Moab, Utah at the Moab Adventuer Center.