Ultimate Motorcycle Tour Hits Moab

Its called the Great Western Trail Tour. An article in OneWheelDrive.net just featured this tour as one of the highlights of a great motorcycle road trip. The Great Western Trail tour is a motorcycle tour that takes you through the most wonderful and scenic areas of the soutwest. In 10 or 11 day you will hit:

2000 scenic miles
6 natioanal parks
6 national monuments
9 national forests

Sound too good? Well, if you are even thinking about it the tour also offers rental bikes if you dont have your own. I have never been on a long motorcycle roadtrip, but I would imaging that this one is the Grandaddy of them all. You start in Phoenix, AZ and alongthe way you drive through Moab, UT, Arches National Park, and many other sites in the Moab area.

Anyone ever taken a motorcycle tour through these areas? How is it? Let us all know.