Once again, Moab Utah is making national headlines with its world famous scenery and adventure tours. The most recent review by the most trusted source, National Geographic, reviewed Parks in Canada and the U.S. and put out a top 50 "The Best of the Great Parks" issue.
So what exactly did the National Geographic have to say about Moab? They claim that one of the top experiences to see is watching the sunset at Arches in Moab, Utah!
But dont just take their word for it. Watching the sunset in Arches National park, or anywhere in Utah for that matter, is truly a breathtaking sight.

Has anyone had a chance to see Moab or Arches at sunset? Then you know what they are talking about. If you have nto had a chance to experience it, I highly recommend you do. Oh ya, and dont forget your camera, because you are not going to want to miss the opportunity to have a picture of it.

The Moab Adventure Center still offers a guided tour/hike through Arches National Park. They will take to to the most popular sites that you see in magazines and on T.V. There you can bask in all it's glory. Here are some pictures of our own from Arches so you can get a taste of the action.

What is another way to view a great sunset overlooking the wonderful Red Rocks? The Sunset Hummer Safari Tour in Moab is another great way to see the sights and seens you only dream of. The tour is only $75 for a complete 2 hour sunset trip on top of some of the most amazing rock mountiains in Moab.

If anyone else has favorite spots to view the sunset down in Moab, let us know!

See the issue of the National Geographic Adventure here.