Roadtrip Anyone?

Looking for a good roadtrip to take with your buddies this summer? The most recent issue of Men's Journal has the Roadtrip Guide for those who are interested. I think that taking road trips are a great way to explore new country.

So what makes good roadtrip? First of all, make sure to plan out destinations. Even though a road trip is technically "shooting from the hip" style, you still need a beginning and ending point.
Also, the destinations should have some sort of allure/activity you may be interested in. Sightseeing is fun and all, but if you never really get out and do something, you are missing out on half the adventure.

Men's Journal listed a road trip from New Mexico to Moab, Utah as one of thier recommended trips to take. Moab offers a great place to not only see the sights, but to do just about any activity you want. You can bring your rock climbing gear, inflatable rafts, mountain bikes, motorcycles, hiking boots..... you name it, you can do it.
So Moab makes perfect sense for a roadtrip destination.