Moab Utah is "Mountain Biking Mecca"

Cary Dunst, a journalist for the Epoch Times International reports on the thrill and amazment that the slickrocks of Moab Utah bring to mountain biking. For those us us who have already been there, this is nothing new. In all honesty, no other place in the world can compare to Slicrock Trail in Moab. Riding Moab is great.

Heck, even if you are not an avid mountain biker, you should still take a tour and try out riding the rocks. (click on the picture for info.)

One other thing that Dunst highlihghts in her article is the up-coming "24 hours of Moab" race later in October. Anyone ever participate in that race? Sounds pretty intense. (nothing compared to Primal Quest of course). But it should be a good race. You can go to for more information on the races.

Get out and mountain bike on the trails!