Moab Utah Century Tour Opens

The weekend of Oct. 6-8 will once again thrust the community of Moab into the national spotlight. www.skinnytirefestival is the website for The Moab Century Tour which benefits the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF), attracting riders and industry icons alike to this newly discovered hot-spot for road cyclists to experience their choice from three fully supported, world-class routes. U.S.

Olympian and pro cyclist Ron Keifel will be a guest speaker as well as a participant, allowing others to ride alongside him.

Perhaps the most interesting icon in attendance is not from the cycling world at all; Randy Ruhlman returns to apply his skills as a professional NASCAR driver to the now famous La Sal downhill, and share his tips for skillful cornering on this epic, windy descent.

This fully supported event has limited registration and closes early so riders are encouraged to visit to ensure a spot.