Next up: 24 Hours of Moab

Moab Utah seems to be the adventure center this year. The famous 24 Hours of Moab race put on by Granny Gear Productions is coming soon. As if we didnt see enough extreme sporting in Moab, Utah's backcountry with Primal Quest!

24 Hours of Moab is one of many 24 hour mountain bike races held across the country. It is an exciting event, one sure to entertain and challenge. here are a few of the details:

When: October 14 and 15
Where: Moab, Utah
Prize: Over $60,000 in prizes
Costs: $100-$300 per person
Distance: 12-15 miles

It is hard to imagine the actual intesity that surrounds this activity. Its 12-15 miles of some of the hardest and best mountain biking trails in the world, Moab Utah. You race through the night. You party hard... wait, did I say party? Yep. One of the perks and attractions of these races is the party atmophsere you get. At base camp last year in Moab, Utah you would have seen fire blowers, dancing, music, poker and much more.

So really, this race is more like an all night party-just with little food, mentally challenging and physically exhausting racing. But fun nontheless. Come to Moab Utah and race!


Jill said...

This is such a cool race. I hope to ride it someday.