24 Hours of Moab Not so Hot

Well, if you talk to the participants of the adventure race Primal Quest in Moab Utah this year, they will give you the horror stories of the heat, exhaustion, desert weather and cool terrain.

You wont get the same response from the participants of 24 Hours of Moab. Apparently it was just a huge muck... wet, muddy, rainy and not very nice, not to mention the added danger of slippery rocks (hence "Slickrock") and huge amount of red mud. If you want more details, just check out the Salt Lake Tribune Article or the Summit Daily News . They even had to stop the race early and didn't actually fit in the branded "24 Hours" that the race needed to go for.

Unfortunately I was not able to be there this year. I was actually white water rafting in West Virginia on the Gauley and New Rivers. So I was a little wet too, just not as miserable as some of the bikers were.