Due to the local rain problems and huges amounts of water passing through Arches National Park, the park service had to once again close the trail to Delicate Arch, one of the most popular sites in Moab. Utah is home to multiple National Parks, and Arches hosts many popular scenic spots.

Delicate Arch trail, the classic red rock arch you see everywhere, is not yet open again to the public. It was closed up to the fromthe 6th to about the 12th. Then it re-opened, but this weekend caused it to be shut down again.

The park service said they were working on a "alternate" path, but that just seems like a long solution to a short problem... but then again, what do I know.


Marie & Rob said...

I love Delicate Arch! Our forst visit was last spring and we hiked in twice. We also found a "Summit Stone" very near the trail head. One of your locals is very kind in secreting these little painted gifts out there for someone to discover!
We hope they figure out what to do.
Marie & Rob