A Little Controversy Over Moab Funding

Moab, Utah is a tourist town. Therefore, it relies heavily on visitors passing through and seasonal business. It is also arguably the third most popular place in Utah for tourism (Salt Lake City and Park City/ski resorts). The Moab areas has two world famous National Parks (Arches and Canyonlands) and the Colorado River. It is a popular destination for tourists. Therefore, you would think that a decent portion of the state's tourism money would be funnelled to the Moab area. Right?

For you locals and those interested in Utah tourism, I am getting on my soapbox for a second on behalf of the outdoor adventure community. Apparently the office of tourism denied an application to give more money to the Moab area. From what I hear, it was because the application was poorly written. Great. So the whole industry suffers?

Colin Fryer is fighting hard for the cause, but he is getting shut down. He is even a board member for heaven sakes. You would think that logic would be a driving force for some of the allocations. From


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