Back from AO Convention Here in Utah

Well, I had a great time at this year's America Outdoors Conference here in Salt Lake City, Utah. All the outdoor outfitters (mostly just rafting companies) go and catch up with each other and the industry. Its a pretty good source for getting information about adventure travel in general.

I know I haven't posted in a while, and the sad part is that I can't really blame it on AO, because it was here in Utah! So, with no excuses, I will blame it on being busy at work............ yah, work. It is interesting to see the other outdoor adventure companies that operate in different parts of the country. Everyone is still struggling to tap into the outdoor adventure market, and capture the rising trend of adventure travel in general.

Outdoor adventure travel is a rising trend, and more people enjoy getting outside and taking vacations that involve activity. Moab, Utah has seen significant increases in visitors and tourism over the last few years. I thinks its because Moab is a great one-stop destination for adventure. But there are plenty of place like Moab throughout the country. Anyway, lets hope that the trend continues!