Endurance Training Saves Life in Moab

Danelle Ballengee is an adventure racer. Adventure racers go through some of the most intense training and competitions in the world (just ask those who raced in Moab Primal Quest this year). The adventure training probably saved Dennelle's life.

While training in Moab this week, she fell 60-feet breaking her pelvis. She crawled 1/2 mile and survided two sub-freezing nights in Moab, UT. That is quite the feat being healthy! The ABC 7 Denver news has a video news report on the ordeal. Fortunantly, her dog assisted rescuers to finding her and she is recovering in the hospital. Normally, injuries are second nature to adventure racers. But the pelvis bone is one of those vital and extremely painful breaks that you can't do much about. Arms, hands, ribs and shoulders are one thing. Pelvis is on its own level. Southern Utah in the winter is no treat either.

About a month ago, the new television show "I Shouldnt Be Alive" and the "Nightmare Canyon" episode featured a man who broke his leg/shin while hiking in the Southern Utah area, and he too survived sub-zero temperature, freak snow storms, ice and an overnight stay. I am sure Dannelle will have her own episode soon. Check out the show's website for some great webisodes and adventure survival stories.