Moab Skinny Tire Festival Set for March

One of the first bike events is set to go early this year. The Moab Skinny Tire Festival ride is scheduled for the weekend of March 2-5. The date is coming soon, so make sure to get out for your first ride of the spring.

This road cycling event hosted by the Lance Armstrong Foundation will go through the red rock wonderland of Moab, through Dead Horse Point State Park, Arches National Park and the banks of the Colorado River. The event will host multiple speakers, a silent auction, demo bikes and more. You can read more about the event and detail on Pro Cycling News.

“In the world of cycling, Moab is legendary,” says Chris Brewer, Grassroots Events Coordinator. “As a long time rider it has been on my life’s checklist of places to ride. Now I will not only be riding in Moab at a great Festival, but I will also be helping in the fight against cancer, and it just doesn’t get any better than that.”