Moab Half Marathon Coming Up

This weekend is the Skinny Tire Bike Festival in Moab, UT. The weekend of the 16th, Moab is also hosting the annual Canyonlands Half Marathon. Lodging and things are filling up fast for the marathon weekend. March officially starts the outdoor activities in Moab I guess. Moab has the luxury of being in the very southern end of Utah, which means warmer weather and good outdoor adventure environment.

I will be heading down to Moab next week to take advantage of the weather and early season activity. In my opinion, the best time to visit Moab is during the spring and the fall. Summer is great for vacations, but the heat is killer sometimes. The spring weather is perfect for mountain biking, street racing, off-road trips and hiking. Rafting is still best done during the hotter months.

But once again, the nation's outdoor playground Moab is off to an early start with the outdoor activities.


Andy said...

Just created a new Moab sticker, I came up with this design after my third trip to Moab in the spring of 2011. The area is such a magical place to bike and hang out. It fuses my chainring oval and the legendary Kokopelli symbol and the word moab.