Jim Styles has come out again attacking the adventure recreation seekers stating that they are ruining Moab, UT. The Slat Lake Tribune article (as journalism goes) of course plugs in a few "interesting" facts of their own as well- on of which stating that: " recreation has the potential to be as destructive as oil and gas drilling, mining and cattle ranching."

Please. Let's get serious here. Me taking my mountain bike down Slickrock is not more destructive (not even in a hundred year) than any one of the above. But it is the voice of just one lone activist. With statements like, "The search for solitude, beauty, and all things remote and mysterious must be random. To be more organized is to risk commodifying beauty itself"- I am not sure how seriously I can take the criticism anyway.

The article does show both sides of the story, interviewing Sheri Griffith among others for commentary on their complaints.

Moab's own mayor has admitted that Jim is "literally stuck" in the 1950's when he could have all of Moab to himself.

The fact of the matter is that Adventure Sports and Recreation in the Moab area is actually relying on maintaining the integrity and beauty of the back country. Otherwise, where would the adventure be if we are riding through skyscrapers and buildings? Why would we go hiking if we didn't have a beautiful view at the end? Adventure seekers and guides alike share the same respect for the back country in Moab. They (we) are perhaps more interested in keeping the natural landscape than any other commercial group involved in the town!

Nice try Stiles.


Anonymous said...

Dear Moab Adventures Blogger (whoever you are and whatever date you wrote this).

Here is what is wrong with your view of things, from your own pen: "Why would we go hiking if we didn't have a beautiful view at the end?" At the end? That would be a sad, sad hike indeed (if the beauty were only at the end.) I suppose you know why it can't be beautiful the whole way, because you are seeing hundreds of other 'adventurers' (read: consumers) on the trail (river, mountain, etc), or the trail is rather a bit trashed until you get to the end, where no 'adventurer' has been.

Meanwhile, here is what Stiles meant, since obviously such eloquence cannot be comprehended in your worldview and it went over your head. You said he wrote that "The search for solitude, beauty, and all things remote and mysterious must be random. To be more organized is to risk commodifying beauty itself." What this means is this: You go on an unplanned trip, Dude, to get away from people (solitude). In doing this, you stumble upon amazing beauty. That is random. You are alone, it is beautiful, and remote, you are surprised (random), and if you have an appreciation beyond 'adventuring', then you get mystery, too! See, that is what that sentence means.

Some of us think that mystery over 'adventure' is a larger reward, and we cannot get it if you have everyplace all organized and choked full of people, so that you can make money.

Got it now?

So here is the second sentence you said that Stiles wrote. It means, If you organize and plan your trip, and then on top of your personal efforts, you do your trip with an company who organizes and plans your trip, then Dude, you don't risk, you ARE commodifying beauty. You know, commodify? As in Commodity. A commodity is something you make into a product to make money off of. Like 'adventures' in 'nature' - a nature that is visible only at the end of the path - a place beyond the boundaries of 'adventure' where obviously you will never care to trek.

I think there are two types of people in the world, one group who sprays lysol in the public restroom after they take a you-know-what, and the other group who get furious when they go in after them and have to breath that shit (I mean the Lysol, not the real shit). Why, you probably wonder, do they get furious? They must be uptight, you think. Well, it is like this: Lysol is toxic to breath in a small, enclosed space, the pressurixed bottles destroy the ozone, and spraying for mold, fungus, viruses and bacteria makes no sense at all when you can use hot soap and water to clean the restroom and a nice candle if you are phobic about shit smell.

Lysol for air freshener? People like you and her scare the shit out of me, and frankly, you need to be contained, much as the smokers were, but in my view you are ten times worse than any poor damn smoker. I'm sick of breathing your ignorant fumes, suffering your shouting in quiet places, and being sick in my gut when I see your destruction of nature where you 'adventure' which is just about everywhere now.

One group appreciates the soul of a place, the other appreciates its activities, its commodity purposes. That's great dude, do what you want, but you CANNOT DO IT EVERYWHERE. You need more designated spaces, which should be simple enough since you only need to see beauty at the END of the path.
Oh, ya. Don't forget to bring your Lysol with you so you can spray for huntavirus when you get to the end of that path, too. Frick, you coulda picked some up on your shoes!

Damien said...

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