Jeep Safari and Spring Break on the Way

Moab becomes a hot destination this week with the annual Jeep Safari hitting town over the weekend. It also is still Spring Break time for many as well, which makes for a crazy busy downtown. Don't even try to find a nice hotel or lodging place if you haven't already. Everything will be full. You have to fill out a registration form if you want(ed) to participate in the Jeep Safari. Theya re probably full with registrants by now, so you might be watching from the sidelines if you didnt get ahead of the game.

Although, some of the greatest seats for the Jeep Safari are actually the ones outside of the Jeep- just sitting on the Moab red rock hills and watching the slews of Jeep try to navigate some of the tricky spots on the hills.

Red Rock 4-Wheelers has all the information you need for the annual event.