When is the best time to visit Moab, UT? Spring is the time to visit Moab. The fall is another wonderful time, but the water levels for whitewater rafting die down a bit by late fall.

That's why I name Spring as the #1 time to visit Moab.

I am not the only one who recognizes the wisdom of an early visit. Smarter Travel also points out that spring is the ideal time to visit the National Parks of the Southwest U.S. The "Southwest Park's Best Season" article readily points out Moab as the top destination. Visiting during the spring is not only ideal weather and water levels, but you avoid the tourist crowd altogether.

During the summer months, large groups always congregate and take trips through Moab. Lodging and eating becomes a little harder with large crowds. April and May (other than are ideal months for a quick visit. Most Moab tour outfitters are open by April, so you can still run any activity you want.

April is almost over, so get on the early bus and check it out.


Candyce Roberts said...

I am thinking of coming to moab next april. i notice that easter is the 24th...is easter a busy time there? if so, I would plan my trip at the first 2 weeks of the month. but then, i wonder about weather? what do you think? thanks candyce www.roadwarriors2010.blogspot.com

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Sofia Britts said...

Interesting. Whitewater rafting's a fun thing to do! I've been looking forward to the next payday, since we're going to plan where we're going this year for a vacation. I do hope that my husband would help me with some money from the loan he applied for weeks ago. Moab, Utah sure looks like a good place to go to. We might consider going there!