Primal Quest Adventure Race on Hold

I think everyone remembers last year's Primal Quest Adventure race in Moab. Teams were pushed to their physical and emotional limits, and it was perhaps the most grueling adventure race yet. It was entertaining to watch and fun to follow.
But things are not looking so hot this year for the adventure racing teams. Primal Quest event coordinators have officially put 2007 on hold, not know if they can get everything in line fore this year's race. Competitor Magazine is hoping that this race will not fall wayside as others have in the past (Eco Challenge, Raid Galoises).

I hope the race continues. From the sounds of the apology and news brief from Primal Quest, it is more a function of getting funding and sponsorship together more than anything. Those of us that have tried to get sponsorship for related events understand this frustration.

I hope the race continues, and hope to see it come back to Moab eventually.