4x4 Adventures

Moab is famous for its off-roading trails. Jeep organizations love to meet in Moab regularly for conventions and excitement. Just a couple of weeks ago when I was down in Moab, I saw the 4x4 crawlers hitting some nasty rock climbs. It was amazing.

I have never gotten into off-road stuff, but it looks pretty fun. For those of us who do not have the trucks and Jeeps for the adventures, the Hummer Tours offered by Moab Adventure Center offer a good taste of the action. I was actually surprised by the Hummer Tour. I know Hummers are cool, but I didn't think a Hummer Tour would be all that exciting. It was amazing!
To see what the Hummers can do it awesome. Highly recommend the tours for all ages. Kind of got me thinking about off-roading. Seeing the jeeps and other cars there doing that same stuff the Hummer was doing, amazing. I guess people get pretty serious about it too. Forums and websites dedicated to just off-roading adventures. One of the largest that I ran across is


These forums offer a lot of discussion and activities for enthusiasts. 4 wheeling rocks!