Mountain Biking for Everyone

Mountain biking is a very popular activity. I see a lot of people load up their bikes and take a weekend trip down to Moab just to hit the trails. I found plenty of people online who talk about their Moab Adventures on the bike.

As far as I can see Moab, UT offers one one of the best locations for mountain biking.


Because Moab has a large number of trails and off-road areas to accommodate any level of biker. If you want to bring your baby down to Moab, you can find easy trails with great scenery. If you are a hard-core enthusiast, the large red rocks of Moab, Utah provide plenty of challenging trails and backcountry territory.

The two best places for information for a Moab biking adventure would be to call a local outfitter (such as the Moab Adventure Center) and ask their opinion, or check out a few cool websites. You can set up an activity with a center and you don't have to worry about bringing your own bike.

The best website I found with information for all the available (and technically "not public") trails is:

This site give a ton of great info on all the different trails and backcountry stuff, and it has picture so you can get an idea of what the ride looks like. Take a look!