A large part of being an outdoor enthusiast is knowing the weather and geographic trends of hot spots in America. Anyone in the West (particularly Rocky Mountain Region) or even following the news know that this winter has brought in tons of snow and moisture, escpecially to Utah.

Michelle Higgins just posted an article in the NY Times talking about this very issue (she even mentions the Moab Adventure Center and rafting in Moab, UT!).

Heck, I can still see snow at the top of the mountains as I travel through Utah.

We all know what that means! Great rafting. Water level are up, and will continue to go up throughout the season due to heavy snow pack. Rapids are getting bigger and bigger too.

I just rafted a small stretch with the Moab Adventure Center down in Moab, Utah a couple weeks ago, and from what I hear the small class I and II have increased to close to III's already. I don't think they will get larger than III, but that is quite a nice increase. I did the half day a.m. trip , which is probably the easiest of the trips. But some real adventure would be Westwater Canyon Trip.

I plan on going rafting at least a couple more times to take advantage of the great water runs!