Crime Rising in National Park Spaces?

New York Times author Timothy Egan recently ran a report on the increasing number of crimes near forested and National Park areas. Simply stated, most National Parks contain large areas of land that is prime for "urban problems". As small town like Moab Utah grow in size, so does urban problems and crime, says one ranger.

Maybe its because I am not a Park Ranger so I don't see the crimes myself, but I personally have not seen a noticeable increase of "urban crimes" in National Parks. The article specifically pointed out Moab Utah as one of the prime suspects for this type of increasing behavior. It is true that Moab is surrounded by Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park, both of which cover large amounts of land and acreage. However, I have yet run into off-road incidents with other people. Not doubt the Rangers see a lot more action than I do however.

Maybe I will talk to some Rangers in the area and see what they think about the situation.