Moab Utah is well known for being the Mecca of mountain biking. Apparently, the international arena recognizes this fact as well. In a news article published by , they highlight an up-and-coming company called Bikefax.

Bikefax is in Europe, and they create custom bike trail maps and other services for the expanding mountain bike community. According to Sue Savege, they have gotten requests in Europe for trails maps to Moab:

""We have also been asked to produce a guide for mountain bike trails in Moab, on the Utah/Colorado border, one of the best known mountain biking destinations in the world, and we are working on that."

I have contacted the company with interest to see about them producing this custom map. Right now, the Moab Adventure Center has a map section with multiple maps, including bike trails. But maps can always get bigger and better.

It is amazing to see the prominence that a small place like Moab Utah can get around the world. But for those who have experienced the awesome trails of Moab, it may come as no surprise.