Moab Utah MuniFest- Unicycling Galore

Forget mountain biking on the famous Moab Utah Slickrock trails- try unicycling on the mountain. Little known but gaining in popularity, the annual Moab Utah MuniFest invites all unicyclers to challenge themselves in on the redrocks on Moab.

Its quite the sight to behold- a couple hundred unicyclers trying to traverse up and down the rocky terrain of Moab mountains. But they do it, and they do it well. Its actually very exciting to watch, and makes any onlooker feel like they should be able to easily handle a unicycle in the mountains.

Every year they get together for the event, held at the end of March, and this year's event drew over 150 participants. The Munifest Website offers plenty of information and pictures from various individual sites and galleries. Nathan Hoover on Smugmug has some great shots of this year's event.

Maybe the Moab Adventure Center needs to start providing a unicycle trip? (j/k)


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How can I sign up?