Whats hot in Adventure Travel right now? According to many resources, its the possibility of finding love while taking an extreme adventure. Fox news author Michael Y. Park reported that perhaps the best way to find your mate is "getting out of town."

Hilary Black, editor and chief of relationship magazine Tango says that people can meet "doing something they love, and its a lot less of an awkward set-up."

Other say that “there's a bond that is instantly formed when having such great experiences even with strangers...we were all strangers but by the end of the day we all wanted to know more about each other"

How true it is. Its a fascinating concept to try and target your extreme adventure vacations around the possibility of meeting a date. Some say that you learn something special about a person when you are pushing yourself mentally and physically. The more extreme the trip, the more likely you are to find love I guess.

It is interesting how friendships form so quickly on adventure vacations. One of my most recent rafting trips down in Moab, Utah brought me together with about 5 other people on the raft. By the end of the short, 2 hour trip, I had a couple of new friends and interesting stories.
So finding true love on such an adventure is not far fetch.

One company called Airtroductions has taken a similar approach to finding love with travel. They allow users to choose thier "seat buddy" by viewing profiles and selecting people they would be interested in meeting. Brilliant!

Moral of the story? Plan your vacations wisely if you are single. Dont count not being noticed by anyone while out doing extreme adventures, because you never know who will show up...