Adventure travel is beginning to recognize an important and growing niche market- women only travel. The industry in general is still slow to catch on to this market, but it is ready and waiting to happen.
Seattle pi recently ran an article on the women only market. Although travel experts do not have solid numbers, one expert, Marybeth Bond, estimates that there are about 30 companies now that offer tours for women only.

"I like the idea of women traveling together," says one women, who lives in Dexter, Mich. "I think it is more comfortable with just women, more fun."

Women now have more influence, money and flexibility than ever before. Hence, those not taking advantage of this niche market are missing out on the opportunity. Personally, I think that only having 30 companies that run women only tours is ridiculously low. Especially when you put together these two all important facts (taken from women travel tips):

72 million US women traveled during the past year
70% of all travel decisions are made by women (even us married guys know its true)

So why not target women? I know that our own Western River Expeditions has a Women Only Cataract Canyon 4 Day Rafting Trip. Moab Adventure center may enter this arena soon... hopefully a lot others. The numbers look good, and if you do the research online, you still have some breathing room.