How much does the "outdoor recreation" industry boast in annual economic dollars? A lot more than you would think. According the an Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) study, the most current numbers reported the industry at about $730 billion in annual spending.

That's quite a hefty tag economically. How does it compare to other industries?

Outdoor Recreation: $730 billion
Major Food Industry: $291 billion
Major Auto Industry: $324 billion
Property and Casualty Insurace Industry: $709 billion
Oil and Gas Industry: $1.52 TRILLION (thought that might be a nice addition to the list)

According to the study, about 3/4 of Americans participate in outdoor activity. This next stat is pretty interesting. Here is the breakdown of the top outdoor activities:

Bird watching and other wildlife viewing ventures: 66 million
Bicycling: 60 million
Hiking: 56 million
Camping: 45 million

Props to the bird and wildlife watching people! You are holding strong in first place- although I am not quite convinced that bird watching belongs in the activity category. Perhaps hobby?
Anyway, it just goes to show that the outdoor recreation market is strong and alive. Hopefully companies like the Moab Adventure Center in Moab Utah, and other outdoor adventure providers will continue to see increased business.